Julie Taylor-Lange Inspirations. Artist commissions painting and drawing workshops in Brightlingsea

About Me

My background

Born in the  UK, sent to Grammar School and dutifully aquired:

BSc Medical Sciences and an

MBA Cranfield Postgraduate University

Breakdown in 2004 brought me back to my  true vocation.

Gifted late in life with Joshi 2006 and triplets Benji, Mathi and Nathi in 2008 I became the family enabler and art became my refuge and my solace.  My passion for nature, and travel, seeded by my wonderful step-father, and my talent for art inherited from my father, was consolidated after leaving France and  when we bought the Bissnitz Hof in Germany.  We created a biotope, a refuge and an open-air assylum.  I am co-founder of the Bad Segeberg Artists Network.  Now in Brightlingsea am setting down roots here and will continue to be inspired by life, nature and environmental issues.

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My experience

Created and drawn and invented since I can remember.

Life experience: Lived in the UK  (where I was born but never felt I was at home) France and Germany as an integrated part of their societies for most of my adult life.  Culturally European but sit somewhere in the Channel /North Sea

Have inspired and illustrated several activist magazines 

Exhibited in the UK, France and Germany - Hamburg and Luebeck- especially enjoy joint projects to inspire adults and kids to enjoy art and feel free to self-express

Most recently my training as an "Ausdrucksmaler" (Expressive artist) has lead me to even bigger formats and stage design.

Musik und Kunstschule Luebeck - student since 2009

Master apprentice by Tiemo Scroeder since 2009, Beate Groeschler since 2010 

Founding member  Segeberger Kuenstler

Member Kent Creatives

Have held regular courses for adults in creative painting (mixed techniques) and drawing.

My vision

To express the deep relationship that I have with nature and raise attention to the terrible things happening to our planet. Through art and creative projects I need to help people understand how their mundane daily decisions can change the world.

I have a profound drive to help anyone who has a creative idea bring it to fruition.

The painting here (100cmx100cm) is called "mother earth mourning the wild flower meadows".  The sub-title is mono-culture sucks.

A lot of my paintings and sculptures try to encompass the trauma and joy of human relationships and of being a woman.  Being a wife, a mother of 6 children in a patchwork family and a citizen of the World trying to find my voice.

I would love to start holding creative "stress buster sessions" and " confidence building sessions and to start working creatively here in Essex where I am very happy to be by the sea again and to have made my new home with my wonderful family in Brightlingsea.


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Julie Taylor Lange - inspirations

11 Samsons Close, Brightlingsea, Essex, England CO7 0RP, United Kingdom

+44 7719 315888

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By appointment only please

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Looking actively to network with other artists.  Commissions on request.

Julie Taylor Lange - inspirations

CO7 0RP, Brightlingsea, Essex, England, United Kingdom

+44 7719 315888